Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I'm so late on this bandwagon but I now understand why Moo gets so much love.  Their packaging, presentation, customer service and product are all amazing :)

I couldn't believe how nicely they packaged everything up!

The sticker quality is great too!

Two thumbs up from me :) :)

Have you guys tried Moo?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fee Fashion /2

A few more outfits :) :)

A necklace I made, my threadless life aquatic tee and a new black skirt I picked up whilst thrifting :)

I'm going to try and photograph all my clothes I acquire whilst thrifting and incorporate them into outfits!

the black skirt and a lace top that I'm wearing below :)

The ceramic necklace I made that I mentioned here - ta da!

A blue day!

I also picked up a shorter black skirt and a straw boater hat :)

Modeled by fee!

The leggings are sparkly mermaid ones and the top, I've had for yonks, I think it was a vintage find off eBay or etsy?!? Somewhere!

I almost put all my winter jumpers away the other day but we've had really cosy/rainy weather lately, I like that this season is keeping me on my toes but I'm also as equally excited for summer!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Farm

I'm not sure if these images will just satisfy the reminiscing in me or if others will appreciate them but I do love filling my blog with things I love :) Dad's parents lived on 10 acres, the other week, I went back to have a stroll around and take some photos.  There were objects that gave instant flashbacks and little things that made me smile.

The farm - bark texture

Thursday, October 19, 2017

bought/gift/made /11

Another round of bought, gift made!
In the bought category, a hair dye applicator. I spent too much time searching for a longer lasting solution with past plastic brushes not holding up! I stumbled upon what looked liked a kitchen spatula and so far I've only got good things to say about it. Unlike the bristle variety this one doesn't tug/rip at your hair (ouch!). The brand is Kodo but there's different models and sizes floating around the web and I'm sure any of them would be fine :)

In the made category, a wooden palm using scraps of ply board! Our scrap baskets are getting out of hand so I put on my thinking cap and came up with this wooden palm  :)

Finally our lovely art friend Phil B gifted me with more of his amazing art 
(the collection grows) :) :) 

 I actually have loads of beautiful art collected from talented people over the years. 
One of my life dreams is to own my own place so I can hang it all up :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chinchilla Cemetery

The other week I got to do something super fun - visit Ben at work! His job means he can be away for 6+ weeks at a time but then he'll have big periods of being at home too :) Normally he works in the middle of the desert but this time he was only 4 hours away - road trip time! I only stayed a couple of nights but I still look back on the trip with super happy thoughts:) I brought along my camera when I went to explore the local cemetery - which is today's post.  The rest of the time, I did laps of the pool, read books, napped and explored the town - it was amazing! Simple things, guys.  As for the cemetery, it did not disappoint with plenty of country town charm :) Oh and not to be too morbid but the thought of having cactus grow on my grave is pretty appealing!

Chinchilla - stems and stones

On the drive home, I not only got to stop at the awesome vegan bakery I visited on my b'day, I also chanced upon this rad vintage playground in Murgon!

I'm sadly not normally one for doing things on a whim but I'm trying to live my life not so forward/routine focused and this trip was amazing for that *highfive* to myself :P